Interview 16

Age at interview: 75
Brief Outline: With a PSA of 380, cancer was assumed though not confirmed on biopsy. Orchidectomy 1999, and hormone treatment.

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Describes the complications experienced after the orchidectomy.

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Describes the complications experienced after the orchidectomy.


The surgeon sat me down and he gave me all the various opportunities, one was the radiology and he said that was no good because they didn't know where it was and we then, I agreed with him. I said 'Well what would you have done?'

Well what were the other options?

Well there were only

You mentioned the orchidectomy.

Yes there were only three really, one was radiology and the other was, two operations one that I had was the bilateral orchidectomy, whatever it's called, I can't remember what the third operation was but it was a bigger actually.


And he explained to me everything and I decided, I said 'Well what would you have?' and he said 'Well do this,' and I agreed. And I went in for an operation on 29th November.

So you had the surgery, even though you weren't really sure that you had cancer?

Yes, yes I took that advice.

Mm because your surgeon said he thought you probably did?

Yes he thought I probably did have it and I couldn't argue.

Did you think of getting a second opinion or not?

No he was, he was a well known surgeon and he was doing it privately and he had, he had operated on me once before for a hernia years ago so 

Do you mind explaining to other people what happened during the operation in case they want to know, they won't know who you are of course.

It was an unfortunate operation in that they, he, you had a complete anaesthetic and they did the operation on my testicles and the next day he had to do another operation because it had all become very swollen and there was a blood clot inside, so he, in his words he had to open me up again.

Oh dear. What did they actually do the first time?

Well I'm not quite sure what he cut but he cut some part of my testicles.

Did he explain why?

Yes, oh yes he explained why and he explained to me that it would finish any sexual, sex I needed but at the age of 76 or 75 it didn't really matter because my wife is paralysed.

But did he explain the reason behind why they felt it was useful?

Yes he did, he explained what he was doing and he was trying to restrict the flow of something, I can't remember what he said but he said by doing this it will stop the PSA rising.

Okay so you were in hospital for how long?

Well I would've been only in for 3 days but because he had to do another operation I was in for 5 days.

Mm oh dear quite a while.


And how comfortable or uncomfortable was it?

Oh no I was quite comfortable, no problems, I got up the same day kind of thing to wash and things.

So my main problems were really that I'm not sure that although I had a very high PSA I ever had cancer. I had two biopsies and they took probes, four on each one, two from each side, I had two complete bone scans and I only wish that one knew how reliable the PSA was because I have my doubts.

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