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Using healthtalk.org in teaching

Our videos are used in teaching all over the world. Our resources explore a wide range of health, mental health, emotional and social issues. This means that they make the perfect teaching resource for a wide range of subjects and professions, such as:

The videos show real people talking candidly about their experiences of health conditions. They were filmed during academic research interviews and cover the whole journey of a health condition including symptoms, medical treatment, and impact on the person’s daily life.

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The benefits of using our teaching resources

  1. Learning improves with healthtalk.org videos: Research by Snow et al (2016)* showed that learning, confidence and exam results were much improved when our patient experience videos were included in teaching.
  2. The content is reliable; all the content is based on academic qualitative research, from non-commercial funding sources.
  3. We have a huge range of resources to suit your needs. There are 25,000 video and audio clips of people sharing their experiences of more than 100 health, mental health, emotional and social issues. Browse our range of videos.

How much does it cost?

The cost is £500 per year, for 5 users. The site is run by a charity (The Dipex Charity) so the money will be put back into keeping the website going for future learners and the public.

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